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Edgewood Asset Management

Edgewood Management

Edgewood Management is a New York based asset manager with US$41.9bn in aum as at 30 June 2020. The firm has a partnership structure and is 100% employee owned. Edgewood manage one single investment strategy of US Large Cap Growth equities through a concentrated portfolio of always 22 stocks available in a Luxembourg UCITS Fund, a US 40 Act Fund and separately managed accounts. Portfolio companies are distinguished by their financial strength, levels of profitability, strong management and ability to deliver earnings growth.


Spyglass Capital Management

Spyglass Capital Management is a long only, concentrated US growth manager based in San Francisco. The firm was launched in 2015 when Jim Robillard left Edgewood Management after 12 years and relocated to the West Coast. Edgewood Management helped Jim to launch Spyglass and continue to retain an equity interest. Spyglass follows similar principles of growth and quality that are also found in the Edgewood portfolio but the strategy is focused on small and mid-cap opportunities in the US growth universe. The firm currently has aum of US$910m and launched their European domiciled UCITS Fund in October 2019 with US$223m. Assets are $549m as at 31 July 2020.

Miller Value Partners

Miller Value Partners

Baltimore-based Miller Value Partners, led by Bill Miller CFA, was founded in 1999 and became totally independent of Legg Mason in 2017. Total firm aum in 3 strategies is US$2.2bn as at 30 June 2020. Bill Miller co-manages the Opportunity Equity strategy with Samantha McLemore, who serves as the portfolio manager for the US$316m UCITS Miller Opportunity Fund.

Miller Opportunity follows an actively managed and value-oriented approach. The flexible, high conviction strategy has a contrarian bent and is designed to enhance the long-term performance of an equity portfolio. The team at Miller Value Partners thinks and invests differently in pursuit of long-term outperformance and believes that their edge comes from understanding and capitalising on human behavioural tendencies. The approach remains consistent: they value businesses and invest for the long term.

Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn

Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn (CRM) is an employee-owned value equity manager based in New York and founded nearly 50 years ago in 1973. CRM applies one centralised investment philosophy and approach across a broad range of value strategies in Small, SMID, Mid, and All Cap, and a Long/Short strategy which invests opportunistically across market capitalisations.

Birch Grove

Birch Grove Capital

Birch Grove Capital is a New York-based alternative credit manager that applies an opportunistic, flexible approach to credit investing and portfolio construction across corporate and structured credit and seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in all stages of the credit cycle.  Birch Grove utilizes an integrated combination of fundamental research analysis, trading expertise, sophisticated trade construction and hedging in order to create a portfolio with an asymmetric risk profile capable of alpha generation.  Birch Grove was formed in January 2013 to continue the successful investment strategy developed by Jonathan Berger and the investment team at Stone Tower Capital.

Carbon Cap

Carbon Cap Management

Carbon Cap is a London-based environmental investment company managing a unique fund focused on investing globally into liquid and regulated carbon markets. Carbon and other environmental markets provide multiple opportunities to generate positive returns that are uncorrelated to other asset classes.  Carbon Cap has an experienced team with deep expertise in carbon pricing, carbon trading, fund management and alpha generation. The World Carbon Fund pursues an absolute return strategy, seeking to deliver positive returns with a low correlation and direct climate impact.  Carbon Cap has an impressive advisory board and high quality shareholders including the holding company of Bank Reyl & Cie, a Swiss private bank.

Carbon Cap's mission is to raise awareness about climate change and provide solutions directly related to capping and reducing carbon emissions.

Nickel Digital

Nickel Digital Asset Management

Nickel Digital Asset Management is an investment manager connecting traditional finance with the digital assets market. Its flagship fund, Digital Asset Arbitrage Fund, deploys highly sophisticated low latency algorithmic trading and runs state-of-the-art market neutral arbitrage strategies, exploiting volatility swings, market inefficiencies and price dislocations to deliver uncorrelated returns. Nickel is the largest digital arbitrage fund in Europe and prides itself on achieving all-positive months since inception with a Sharpe ratio of 5.1. All of Nickel’s funds are designed with institutional clients in mind and apply the strictest transparency and execution efficiency criteria across solutions. The founding partners, who combine over 60 years of investment experience gained at major Wall Street banks and global hedge funds, are committed to bringing market-leading standards to the digital assets industry.