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Aravis Fund Forum
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Monday 21st - Thursday 24th September 2020

Monday’s speakers

Join us online:
U.S. Growth Webinar


Partner, Vice-Chairman & Portfolio Manager
Edgewood Management


Founder & CIO
Spyglass Capital Management


Executive Director
Aravis Capital Ltd

Tuesday’s speakers

Join us online:
U.S. Value


CIO & Portfolio Manager
Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn


Portfolio Manager
Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn


Portfolio Manager
Miller Value Partners

Wednesday’s speakers

Join us online:


Co-Founder, CEO & CIO
Birch Grove Capital


Founder & CEO
Carbon Cap Management

Michael Hall


Founder Partner & CIO
Nickel Digital Asset Management

Thursday’s speakers

Join us online:
Strategy & Asset Allocation

Russell Napier

Financial Strategist, Author & Academic


CIO, Chairman & Portfolio Manager
Miller Value Partners

Welcome to the Aravis Virtual Fund Forum 2020

We are delighted once again to be hosting the Aravis Fund Forum. This year the Forum will be virtual, comprising a series of 60 - 90 minute online webinars starting at 3pm BST on four consecutive days in late September. We are excited to offer you an excellent selection of speakers addressing some of the major investing issues of the day.

Each day will have a distinct theme and you are invited to participate in all or as many sessions as you wish.

Monday 21st September - US Growth Day

Large Cap, Small Cap – Will Growth investing in the US continue its dominance of the market? Alex Farman-Farmaian of Edgewood Management and Jim Robillard of Spyglass Management re-state the case for Growth.

Tuesday 22nd September - US Value Day

Neglected & Unloved – How big is the opportunity in US Value? Brian Harvey and Mimi Morris of Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn look at the market opportunity in both small cap & L/S Value, while Samantha McLemore of Miller Value Partners will highlight how a focus on behavioural factors can lead to a better understanding of Value opportunities.

Wednesday 23rd September – Alternatives Day

Credit Opportunities in convertibles, capturing the gains from the Carbon market and how Digital Assets can form a liquid part of your portfolio. Jonathan Berger of Birch Grove Capital, Mike Azlen of Carbon Cap Management and Michael Hall of Nickel Digital Asset Management will address these issues.

Thursday 24th September - Strategy & Asset Allocation

We’re delighted to welcome Professor Russell Napier to talk us through why he has changed his view on inflation after 25 years in the deflationist camp, and what this means for investors. Russell will then be joined by legendary value investor, Bill Miller, for a wide ranging discussion on markets, opportunities and how to navigate this ever changing world.

This is an exciting programme, covering a wide variety of topics. You can register for whichever session piques your interest here or please do join us for the week.

James Alexander, Aravis Capital Limited